maart, 2012

Film Crew joining pro bono & film stars in the making

Dylan and Lazlo joining

We are very excited that Dylan and Lazlo will be joining us to make a documentary of the experience and adventure. We believe that Dylan and Lazlo have an exceptional talent to use story telling talent and techniques in combination with technical expertise for film production. They are young talents with an unquestionable bright future ahead of them.

We are very grateful that Dylan and Lazlo have offered to produce the movie pro bono. Global Project Performance will pay for their flight and expenses. We chose to work with Dylan and Lazlo because of their unique style, passion, their broad engagement in society and idealism to make a difference. You can view their work on Dylan and Lazlo: welcome! Their tickets and hotel have been booked.

We will make two movies:

  1. One telling the story.
  2. One PRINCE2 instruction movie.

You will become movie stars

Dyzlo will also cover the PRINCE2 process that we will integrate into our trainings. With the film we will also be able to offer practical examples of PRINCE2 applied and promote the next journey and on. So you will become famous movie stars. Be in shape!

Reward for sponsors and supporters

The film will also be a tangible product in recognition of everybody supporting the Starting Chance Campaign. All people and organizations that donate will be mentioned in the end title in any way. Use this BENEFIT in your approach of sponsors.

Fundraising: commitment up from 7.200 to 12.500!


The funding commitments made for Starting Chance Campaign so far amount to € 10.500,-. With one month to go I will communicate to Stuart that we will donate a minimum of € 12.500,- for the school (the risk of the gap between € 10.500 and € 12.500 is mine and Izabella’s). As such we can have the highest impact possible for us at this stage. Any excess amount of money will be reserved for the next stages of the school renovation and building project. The funding state today is something to be proud of. We started with a commitment of € 7.200 and we are now at € 12.500,-.

Naming right sponsor opportunity

Name sponsor opportunity (the STC story and the engagement of this years team)


We have 1 opportunity for a naming right sponsor. If you have a stakeholder that would like to invest in this movie we will work with the sponsor that the movie will carry their name and that they get defined exposure in and throughout the movie. Feel free to engage with your network. This will be an exceptional opportunity to be involved in something very special. For the naming right sponsor an opportunity to create exposure. The movie will be published in any format suitable for their websites. Dylan and Lazlo will be increasingly renowned in the future with their films – we have no doubt about it.

 Name sponsor opportunity: PRINCE2 instruction movie

 If you have a customer of relation that is implementing PRINCE2, we will make an instruction movie just for them. We will compile a generic instruction movie featuring all PRINCE2 elements such as the Business Case, Product Descriptions, change control etc.

 Then we will add an introduction of he sponsor on site and interview some stakeholders. They can then publish the movie internally to anyone interested in visual demonstration of PRINCE2 in a real project. They can fund the investment of:

  1. Their training budget.
  2. Theo MVO budget.
  3. Any other budget.

 Such an investment had high impact from a communication point of view and will really contribute to the implementation of PRINCE2 in the organization. It will enhance their investments already made in project management training. And provide an incentive to employees and stakeholders to generate tangible benefits with their project. They now have a live example to inspire them.

Have a great day and fantastic weekend!

Peter & Izabella

Arjan passeert bijna de 1.000 puzzelstukjes

Goed nieuws. Er is al bijna 1.000 euro overgemaakt op de rekening van PRINCE2 for Africa namens de supporters van Arjan die allemaal een of meerdere puzzelstukjes hebben gesponsord.